Our People

Petra Schennach

Global Managing Director, Global Food Training and Education
Petra Schennach has over 20 years experience in corporate leadership, training development and management. As Managing Director, she is responsible for the strategic growth and global expansion of NSF International training and education. Prior to assuming this position, she was President and Chief Operating Officer for NSF-GFTC serving on the organization's Board of Directors, and managing the training, marketing, accounting and administrative support departments. Schennach joined NSF-GFTC as Vice-President, Training Services after managing the Continuing Education division at the University of Guelph's Office of Open Learning, where she led the university’s extension activities for industry. In addition, Petra led the development, marketing and implementation of the MBA in Agriculture executive program in the Faculty of Management art the University of Guelph. Petra holds a Master of Education and Administration from Western University. 

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Audit Services

Lindsey Burrow

Audit Services Coordinator
Lindsey provides client management support, auditor coordination and expertise to the ISO/FSSC 22000 & BRC certification programs along with other food and feed safety schemes such as GMP+, from application through to certification. She is committed to program compliance and continuous process improvement.

Michelle Foster

Key Account Specialist
Michelle works closely with some of NSF’s key clients managing expectations and requirements, providing support and expertise from start to finish. She is committed to program compliance and continuous process improvement.

Christine Larocque

Administrator, Agriculture
Christine provides administrative support and expertise in the implementation of Agricultural Certification Programs such as CanadaGAP, GlobalG.A.P. and PrimusGFS. Christine is dedicated to program compliance, customer service and continuous process improvement.

Lee-Anne Mason

Audit Services Coordinator
Lee-Anne schedules all the non-certification audits including Burger King, Costco, Yum, NSF-GFTC standards and NSF standards for all Canadian facilities. She works closely with auditors and facility representatives.

Jovana Mitich

Audit Services Administrator
Jovana provides technical support within the Agricultural Certification department at NSF-GFTC.  She works closely with scheme and project managers as well as assisting the administrative team.  She is committed to program compliance and continuous process improvement.

Katija Morley

Business Unit Manager, Agriculture, North America
Katija has over 15 years of experience specializing in food safety and agriculture. She has worked with national and provincial associations and individual producers on the development, implementation and evaluation of on-farm food safety, traceability and biosecurity programs. Katija oversees the NSF agriculture team which offers certification and non-certification audits in fresh produce, animal welfare and animal production.

Soula Ringas

Audit Services Coordinator
Soula is the administrative lead for the CanadaGAP certification program.  She works closely with on-farm auditors and clients to ensure smooth delivery of CanadaGAP certification audits from enrolment through to certificate issue.


Brenda Sharpe

Audit Services Business Coordinator
Brenda is responsible for conducting all expense approvals and invoicing for NSF-GFTC Supply Chain Food Safety. As NSF-GFTC's longest service audit services administration employee, starting in 2002, Brenda is knowledgeable in all NSF-GFTC's service offerings.

Rich Simmons

Certification Manager, Audit Services
Rich has over 25 years of agri-food and biotechnology experience in a broad spectrum of industry sectors. His previous work experience includes management & operations, product development and training & education. Rich is responsible for final certification decisions as they related to GFSI benchmarked standards. Coaching, mentoring and management of auditors in the field is also a key part of Rich’s responsibilities.

Certified HACCP Auditor (ASQ), Certified SQF Auditor, Certified BRC Auditor

Stefanie Sonneveld

Certification Manager, NSF Agriculture North America
In Stefanie’s over 20 years of experience in the food industry, she has designed, implemented, maintained and audited HACCP systems from farm to fork. As the scheme manager for CanadaGAP, PrimusGFS and GlobalG.A.P, she is responsible for NSF's technical and quality compliance to these GFSI recognized standards.  This includes scoping audits, auditor training and assignment, report review and final certification decisions. Also a key part of Stefanie's responsibilities is her role as an auditor and trainer, as well as, as a mentor and management of auditors in the field.

Certified HACCP Auditor (ASQ), CanadaGAP Auditor, SQF High Risk Auditor, GlobalG.A.P Auditor, PrimusGFS Auditor

Lindsay Walker

Operations Manager, Supply Chain Food Safety, North America

Lindsay oversees the audit services operational functions for Supply Chain Food Safety leading the US and Canadian operations teams to uphold database integrity and provide customers with superior customer service.  Her primary focus is on managing the flow of information between staff, scheme holders, clients and their customers, auditors and other NSF departments.Lindsay’s responsibilities also include involvement in strategic and business planning (processes and execution) as they relate to third party audits.

Nicole Wilson

Audit Services Administrator
Nicole provides administrative support and expertise to the SQF and BRC certification programs with a focus on the SQF activities from start to finish. She is committed to program compliance and continuous process improvement.

Robin Foster

Data Integrity Specialist
Robin works collaboratively within the Supply Chain Food Safety team to ensure all members are living up to personal bests by maintaining system integrity, utilization of current tools, and efficient use of resources. She promotes continuous improvement by monitoring and reporting on compliance with industry, corporate, and client expectations, as well as conducting analysis of the quality and continuous improvement KPIs related to audit delivery.Robin also supports the document control program, providing secured access to necessary records and is responsible for communicating program effectiveness to management and clients.

Heather Van Kooy

Audit Services Administrator
Heather provides administrative support and expertise to the SQF certification program with focus on the coordination of pre and post audit activities and issues certificates. She is committed to program compliance and continuous process improvement.



Consulting & Technical Services

Paul Medeiros

Managing Director, Consulting & Technical Services, North America
Paul directs NSF-GFTC’s Consulting & Technical Services team, providing unparalleled service to North American clients. He is responsible for all the strategic and operational aspects of the business along the entire food value supply chain. Paul has more than 22 years of experience including several years of senior management experience in consulting and technical services and he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in food safety and quality management. Paul is a Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence with ASQ and a Certified Public Health Inspector (CPHI(C)). Paul has a B.Sc. in Environmental Health from Ryerson University and a M.Sc. in Food Safety and Quality Assurance from the University of Guelph.

Alan Grant

Senior Manager, Consulting and Technical Services
Alan brings several years of senior management experience in consulting and food safety services. At NSF-GFTC he is responsible for leading the Consulting Services team in the development and expansion of our business operations and programs within Canada, focusing on the delivery of client-led consultative/advisory and Supply Chain Management services. Alan holds a degree in food science from the University of Guelph and has served on several industry related committees including the Canadian Council of Grocery Distributors and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture- Healthy Futures for Ontario Agriculture.

Scott Arnald

Operations Supervisor, Consulting & Technical Services
Scott began with NSF-GFTC in 2010 and provides project and account management expertise as part of the consulting and technical services team. Specific program responsibilities include supply chain assurance and product inspection programs.  Scott is also well versed in the area of environmental management and sustainability strategy design and implementation and brings that knowledge to the consulting team. Scott is a graduate of the University of Waterloo's Environment and Business program.

Karen Leacock-Bingham

Senior Project Manager, Consulting & Technical Services
Karen provides food safety consulting services for food packaging converters and food manufacturers.  She also conducts training for SQF, BRC and HACCP courses, as well as customized in-house training for clients. Prior to NSF-GFTC, she worked for several packaging companies as QA Manager and Extrusion Manager.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from York University.  In addition to her degree, she is a certified Trainer for the SQF Standard and the BRC Packaging standard.

Sat Pacheco

Business Coordinator
Prior to joining NSF-GFTC, Sat gained experience in the finance and professional services industries. Currently as a business coordinator she supports the Technical Services team with proposals, project setup, profit and loss statements as well as revenue generation. Sat works with both the US and Canadian Consulting and Technical Services teams and the Training departments.

Patricia Lee

Business Coordinator
An administrative and human resources professional with more than 15 years experience working in multidisciplinary and fast paced environments in the food manufacturing, construction and hospitality industries. Currenly oversees business development and administrative activities of the Consulting division of NSF-GFTC office.

Renata McGuire

Operations Supervisor, Consulting & Technical Services
Renata is responsible for providing food safety consulting services and for developing, maintaining and upgrading the resource materials and consulting tools used for NSF-GFTC consulting projects. Her background is in toxicology and she has extensive experience managing vendor audit programs, implementing a variety of HACCP and food safety programs and managing product testing functions.

Gina Paolucci

Senior Project Manager, Consulting & Technical Services
Gina is based in Montreal and oversees the Food Safety and Quality Consulting Services activities of NSF-GFTC in Quebec as Senior Regional Project Manager. Gina has 30 years of experience in the Canadian food industry, namely in quality testing, food safety auditing, food product development and technical sales of food ingredients. With a passion for food since early childhood, Gina learned culinary art in Italy and earned a Diploma in Professional Cooking from the Quebec Hotel and Food Institute as well as a Bachelor of Science in Food Science (Honours Program) from the University of Guelph. 

Eva Sanz-Solé

Technical Manager & Auditor, Agriculture
Eva works with the Agriculture group in a different variety of farm types and processors. The work to her credit includes projects with National Association and small/medium establishments in animal and animal products, fruits and vegetables, packing houses and feed mills. She has been instrumental in the development and management of GFSI and HACCP based programs, Good Agricultural Practices, Natural Claim and Animal Welfare/Care Programs. Eva’s French and Spanish language skills enable her to offer audit and training services in three languages.

Feed HACCP, HACCP Auditor (ASQ), SQF Auditor, Food Safety, Safety and Quality Program Documentation, Auditing, On-Farm Food Safety Programs and GAPs, Label Claims



Denise Horseman

Manager, Special Events
Denise is responsible for the excellence with which NSF-GFTC events are delivered. Currently she manages and implements symposia, innovation breakfast series, trade shows and other related marketing initiatives, including sponsorships and advertising. Prior to joining the former GFTC in 2006, Denise worked with several large companies serving human resources, executive administration and corporate event planning functions.

Lise Smedmor

Manager, Marketing & Communications
Lise oversees the communication and marketing activities for NSF-GFTC.  She provides support to the various business units and NSF-GFTC corporate. Lise brings over 20 years in the public and private sector food industry with a focus on health and nutrition. 

Kristy Smith

Marketing Coordinator
Kristy provides support to the marketing, communication and event efforts at NSF-GFTC and enjoys working on projects in the realm of print and digital media, web content and copywriting. Prior to joining NSF-GFTC, she worked for a technology company as a digital marketing specialist. Kristy has an educational background in visual art, English and corporate communications from the University of Western Ontario.

Peter Warmels

Business Development Manager
In the role of Business Development Manager, Peter brings a wealth of experience in the agri-food industry helping organizations with business solutions across all aspects of Consumer Packaged Goods markets. As a Guelph graduate in Food Science and supported by his senior level management experience in the food process industry and in the global ingredient distribution world he has gained first-hand experience ranging from start-ups to globally mature corporations. More recently Peter has been involved in the field of food safety assisting organizations to gain a greater presence in product recall in supply chain traceability and in the use of DNA testing to mitigate food fraud.


Membership Services

Christine Wheelhouse

Administrative and Membership Coordinator
Christine lends her efficient and competent expertise in reception, office coordination and other administrative duties at NSF-GFTC. She is responsible for membership services, processing applications, renewals and payments. Christine has over 20 years of experience in office management.


Packaging and Labelling Services

Christopher Chop

Packaging Technologist, Packaging, Consulting & Techncial Services
Chris has extensive knowledge in packaging testing methods that include plastic closure testing and barrier materials testing. He works in our pilot plant to support packaging testing and is responsible for maintenance and calibration of testing instrumentation. Chris complements his activities with company safety responsibilities and is a member of the joint health and safety committee.

Certifications: member of JHSC

Adriana Glofcheskie

Food Labelling Associate, Food and Label Compliance, Consulting & Technical Services
Adriana provides support to the activities of the Food and Label Compliance team, where she is dedicated to ensuring that a wide range of food products are in compliance with Canadian regulations. Adriana joined NSF-GFTC in 2015 and holds a M.Sc. in Human Health and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Guelph.

Erin Taraborrelli

Senior Project Manager, Food and Label Compliance, Consulting & Technical Services 
Erin has over 14 years of experience in food labelling and regulatory affairs. She assists clients from a variety of food industry sectors to develop compliant Canadian and American labelling text, including provision of nutrition information based on database calculations or lab analysis, allergen and regulatory review, ingredient declaration, as well as label translation. Erin holds a B.Sc. (Hon) Biological Sciences, Specialization in Nutritional and Nutraceutical Sciences from the University of Guelph.  

Susan Van Ryswyk

Project Manager, Food and Label Compliance, Consulting & Technical Services
Susan has over 20 years experience in product development and as a regulatory lead in the food manufacturing industry. She brings her knowledge and experience in nutrition labelling and regulatory affairs to manage projects involving Canadian or U.S. label and regulatory compliance. Susan has an Honour’s B.Sc. degree in Biochemistry/Nutrition from the University of Ottawa.

Linda Winget

Project Manager, Food and Label Compliance, Consulting & Technical Services
Linda has over 13 years of experience in the food industry with a focus on regulatory, customer services and quality assurance. As a Project Manager, Linda performs regulatory reviews for a variety of food products to ensure they are compliant with Canadian Food Labelling Regulations. She has an Honours B.Sc. in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Guelph. 

Rick Wong

Senior Project Manager, Food Labelling Services, Consulting & Technical Services
Rick has over 20 years of experience working in product development and regulatory for various companies (Parmalat, Danisco, Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, Frito Lay). Rick Wong has a B.Sc. in Food Science from the University of Guelph and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to assist with food labelling and regulatory reviews.

Carol Zweep

Manager, Packaging & Food Labelling, Consulting & Technical Services
Carol has experience in quality assurance, testing laboratories and R&D in the packaging field. She is knowledgeable in plastic packaging testing, shelf-life evaluation and has provided training in those areas. Her unique background allows her to help both packaging companies and food and beverage processors by recommending suitable packaging, trouble-shooting packaging issues, performing shelf-life studies and consulting in sustainable packaging options. She is a board member for IOPP Ontario (Institute of Packaging Professionals), and a corporate member of PAC (The Packaging Association).

Certifications: CPP (Certified Packaging Professional)  


Product and Process Development

Karen Proper

Technical Manager
Karen possesses over 16 years of experience in the food industry. She is passionate about food research and development and has developed numerous products across a broad array of food categories, including dressings, sauces, jams, jellies, pasta sauces, syrups, burgers, and sausages. At NSF-GFTC, Karen is responsible for leading the Product and Process Development team to achieve client’s food and beverage formulation, processing and commercialization goals. The clients of NSF-GFTC range from entrepreneurs to multi-national companies, situated locally, nationally and internationally. Karen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science from the University of Guelph.

Nadia Brunello-Rimando

Project Manager, Product and Process Development, Consulting & Technical  Services
Nadia is an expert in creating great tasting food products that exceed client expectations with over 14 years of experience in product development. Her knowledge in the areas of sauces, dressings, condiments, frozen food entrees, fried food, beverages, bakery, fruits and vegetables as well as functional foods, nutraceuticals and natural health products, make Nadia a knowledgeable and valuable member of the team.

Karen McEachern

Food Technologist, Product & Process Development, Consulting & Technical Services 
Karen has over eight years of experience in beverage and dairy processing and specializes in scale up. She has indepth knowledge of pasteurization and is able to assist clients and project managers in troubleshooting process issues. Karen’s mechanical expertise allows her to utilize and understand the operation of many different types of processing equipment with ease.

Robert Swan

Senior Project Manager, Product & Process Development, Consulting & Technical Services
Robert has an extensive background in the food, beverage, dairy and canned food industries. He has expertise in the areas of product and process development, technology transfer, product commercialization, as well as in food quality and regulatory practises. He works with clients to develop both bench top and proven scaled up prototype products in a wide range of food categories.


Training Services

Annette Crewson

Annette oversees the online registration process, learner management system for Canada.  This includes assisting clients registering for public programs, ensuring the security of all client records, and providing transcripts. Annette is the expert within training for client records and our learner database, and she uses her knowledge and ability to ensure all clients receive the highest quality of service. 

Cindy Holmes

Training Coordinator
Cindy is responsible for the coordination of all public, partner and online training programs delivered across Canada. Cindy’s background in adult education/training, and her excellent organizational and time management skills allow her to successfully coordinate all course logistics at a high level. This includes materials production and distribution, trainer communication, venue selection and confirmation, client communication, evaluation review and summary, and partner communication. Cindy also assists with the annual course scheduling, and is our main coordinator for the Growing Forward 2 project with OMAFRA. Cindy’s excellent customer service skills, and her drive to see every course succeed, ensures that we surpass our clients expectations with all of our course deliveries.

Jennifer Landrito

Instructional Design Coordinator, Training and Education Services
Jennifer is a learning and development professional with over 5 years of experience. With a global marketing focus she designs, delivers and evaluates training product training and trainer competency. Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science degree and is currently completing a Certificate in Adult Education from Sheridan College.

Marie Lefaive

Manager, Instructional Design
Marie oversees the instructional design function for both in class and online training programs. Working with subject matter experts and the program development team, she makes sure that our courses are developed using best practices in instructional theory and information design. The result is instruction that is both targeted and practical, allowing our learners to get the most out of their training investment.

Jennifer McCreary

Technical Manager
Jennifer has over 30 years of experience in food manufacturing, food safety and auditing.  As the Technical Manager of Training Services she tailors and delivers courses in employee hygiene and food safety, GMP and Prerequisite Programs, allergen management in food processing, CCP training, quality assurance, food safety for managers and supervisors, sanitation, pest control and supply chain management.  Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Science degree in microbiology from the University of Guelph.   

ASQ Certified HACCP Auditor, SQF Certified Trainer, BRC ATP (Approved Training Provider), FSPCA Lead Instructor for Preventative Controls for Human Food.

Erin Moore

Director, Training & Education, North America
Erin is accountable for the strategic management, development and growth of NSF Training and Education in North America. Her primary focus is on delivering revenue and profitability results, and implementing the annual business plan. Additionally, Erin is responsible for expanding and building our market profile and service provision while directing our strategic goals for the region. Erin joined NSF International in 2010 to manage Training Operations, first in Canada and then North America. In this capacity she was responsible for revenue generation, financial planning and reporting, marketing, staff supervision, maintenance of quality systems and compliance with accreditation requirements to meet organizational goals.


Leigh Parsons

Manager, Training Programs
With 10 years experience specializing in food science, training and education, Leigh oversees programming, operations and business development for public and onsite training.  Leigh provides leadership and directs the development of procedures and systems to maintain the integrity and quality of training content, services and products delivered.  Prior to assuming her current role as Director, Leigh managed NSF-GFTC's public training programs.  With her background in nutrition, food science and adult learning principles, Leigh was responsible for developing courses and programs with the perfect blend of topics and perspectives to keep NSF-GFTC's course offerings at the leading edge of food industry training.

Iain Wright

Technical Manager
Iain has 30-plus years of experience in food industry in QC, Operations Management, Consulting, Training and Facilitating.  As the former GFTC's first certification manager he has firsthand experience in the introduction of GFSI-recognized standards in North America.  As Audit Services Manager Iain was responsible for the selection, training, calibration and ongoing competency assessments of NSF-GFTC auditors.  As technical manager he uses his operations experience and training knowledge to provide technical support for clients.  Iain assists with custom and general course development.  He finds that his management experience and understanding of manufacturing helps him to better support the learners during training sessions.

Quality Auditor-HACCP Certification (ASQ), HACCP Auditor (ASQ), BRC Auditor, BRC ATP (Approved Training Provider)

Kara-Lee Colbourne

Acting Business & Operations Coordinator
Kara-Lee is responsible for coordinating all onsite and customized training projects from start to finish. She communicates with clients to prepare onsite training proposals, coordinates logistics for confirmed projects, and ensures each project exceeds our clients’ expectations. She works closely with our internal and external trainers, our programming team, and our operations team in Ann Arbor, Michigan to keep our clients and staff up to date on the status of each project.



Diane Spence

Accounting Assistant
Diane provides accounting support in the accounts receivable area of the NSF-GFTC business.  She liaises with NSF-GFTC personnel, NSF-GFTC internal and external consultants, NSF-GFTC clients and service suppliers on issues relating to accounting.

Ruth Stevenson

Accounting Assistant 
Ruth joined NSF-GFTC in 1999 and during her years of service Ruth has been responsible for all facets of accounting but currently is responsible for project invoicing, accounts payable, project reports for staff and other accounting work as required.  Ruth has 35 years of experience in accounting.

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