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SQF 1000

The SQF 1000 Code under the GFSI standard is designed to meet the needs of primary producers, including those involved in horticulture, produce, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs, coffee and cereal production, fishing and aquaculture.

Featured Components:

  1. Certification at three levels and on an annual basis (the SQF 1000 certification trademark may be used after achieving and maintaining Level 3 certification)
  2. Guidance documents for specific food industry sectors such as grain production, aquaculture, the growing and production of produce and intensive animal production systems
  3. Third-party audit to verify the producer is adhering to the rigorous requirements of the SQF 1000 Code
  4. Innovative optional modules for responsible environmental and social practices

For more information on SQF certification, visit the SQF Institute

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