Corporate Wellness Presentations

Are you looking for an entertaining and compelling topic for your organization’s ‘Wellness Week’?  Are you looking to provide value to your employees and your company through an engaging health related in-house seminar?

Food Safety Myth Busters is a one-hour in-house lunch-and-learn session delivered by experienced and engaging NSF-GFTC food safety experts.    

  • Is the 5 second rule real?
  • How can I really tell a hamburger is cooked?
  • Should I leave hot soup out to cool?
  • Why shouldn’t I let uncle Harry carve the turkey?

This lunch-and-learn is a humorous and effective way to improve employee health and wellness and reduce absenteeism.   Employees are left with a better understanding of common food safety myths and facts - and with concrete ways to improve their food handling at home in order to keep themselves and their families safe.

Add this to your list of wellness topics for your organization and call NSF-GFTC today.

To get started or for more information, contact Alan Grant at (519) 821-1246 ext. 5062 or

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