Food Safety Crisis Management Services

Don’t let a food crisis derail your business. A crisis event or situation can cause harm, disrupt business operations or damage a company’s brand. With a broadening global supply chain and an increased number of food choices for consumers, companies face greater risk of a food crisis. NSF International provides food safety crisis management services to mitigate your risk and speed your recovery.

Managing a crisis begins with establishing strong programs prior to a crisis in order to quickly and effectively respond to issues. Testing and continuously upgrading these programs becomes a part of the organization’s routine practices. Properly handled, a crisis can be an opportunity for a company to demonstrate its integrity and capability and that it deserves its customers’ trust and continued support.

NSF experts work alongside company owners and personnel as their trusted advisors in mitigating a food safety crisis. To learn more about NSF’s food safety crisis management services, contact Alan Grant at (519) 821-1246 ext. 5062 or

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