Food Safety Excellence Award

This award recognizes a company or designated site or facility with a proven commitment from the senior level management down to performance and continuous improvement in supply chain management and facility conditions.

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To be eligible the company and/or facility must be located in Canada (Canadian facilities of international companies are eligible). This award may be presented to a corporate entity, or a designed facility of the company. Be sure to specify in your application if you are applying on behalf of the entire company, or a specific facility.

Eligible companies include: food and beverage manufacturers, food retailers, food service, food producers (on-farm), food repackers, food distributers, packaging converters and manufacturers.  


The application for this award is divided into the following sections (scoring for each section is also included):

  • Section # 1: Food Safety Performance & Continuous Improvement (45%)
  • Section # 2: Food Safety Culture (35%)
  • Section # 3: Supply Chain Management (20%)
  • Senior Manager Attestation (required in order for submission to be accepted for review)

To review a sample application template, click here. 

Submission Requirements

All submissions are to be completed using the online tool once the application period commences. All submissions are required to provide a minimum of the following in order to be considered for an award.

The application requires a written summary (500 word maximum) demonstrating accomplishment in each section listed above (weighted scoring provided for each section). Supporting documentation (up to 10 files per section – word, excel, pdf, jpeg etc.) may be attached as evidence to the written summary – supporting documentation is critical in the evaluation process. General items to consider for the written summary and supporting documentation of each section include:

  • Result (What were/are the results of the contribution?)
  • Impact (What areas were affected by this change?)
  • Effectiveness (How well did the contribution work?)
  • Types of supporting documentation include (but not limited to) audit report cover page, photos, testimonials, letters of support, company policies, documents, records, forms, meeting minutes etc.) 


Applicants will receive an email notifying them that their submission was received by NSF within 48 hours of submission, along with a copy of their completed submission.

For questions regarding the awards and submissions, please contact Scott Arnald at 519-821-1246 ext. 6402 or email

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