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HACCP for Equipment Suppliers and Contractors

The FSC Food Safety Compliant designation is specifically designed for Equipment Manufacturers and Installers as well as Construction Trades such as painting, HVAC, electrical and rigging - companies that have traditionally been shut out of HACCP-type certifications.

NSF-GFTC assesses non-food companies against standards that define their ability to design, develop and implement their product or service in a manner consistent with food safety and sanitary design principles. Compliant to the NSF-GFTC FSC standard demonstrates a non-food company’s control of the food safety-related risks to its food-plant customers. It also helps meet regulatory compliant (such as FSEP, CFIA and OMAFRA) and requirements set out in other standards such as the GFSI benchmarked schemes (e.g. SQF and BRC).

Achieving NSF-GFTC's FSC Food Safety Compliant designation includes:

  1. Employee and manager training
  2. Guidance through program development or upgrading
  3. Final program assessment

See the list of companies that have been awarded FSC Designation in our FSC Hall of Fame (pdf 123 KB).

To get started or for more information, contact Alan Grant at (519) 821-1246 ext. 5062 or

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