Food Development Services

Food Development Services


NSF-GFTC is a leader in Product Development.  We have technical expertise in developing a wide range of food products and special expertise in “better for you” foods and Natural Health Products (NHPs). 

We are able to work with you at any stage in a product’s development or conduct the full scope of work starting with product concept through to production.  We pride ourselves on meeting the needs of our clients.

NSF-GFTC’s range of services for developing food products includes:  

  • Commercial ingredient sourcing
  • Lab scale trials to obtain formulation and process
  • Genesis database nutritional profile calculation to help ensure formula meets specific nutritional requirements
  • Scale up trials in our pilot plants
  • Assistance with production trials
  • Sensory evaluations
  • Recommendations for suitable packaging
  • Shelf life studies
  • Nutritional labelling and regulatory consulting
  • Initial regulatory reviews to ensure the product to be developed will be compliant for desired label claims or other special considerations

In addition to general new product development, NSF-GFTC has experience in developing food products for various purposes including:

Shelf Life Extension

NSF-GFTC has worked with many companies to extend the shelf life of various food products using such methods as: adjusting formulation and processing, and changing packaging while maintaining food safety and the products sensory characteristics. 

Nutritional Profile

NSF-GFTC has significant experience in improving the nutritional profile of food products such as:

  • reduced sodium
  • removal of trans fat
  • reduced sugar
  • increased fibre
  • incorporation of functional ingredients

Cost Optimization

NSF-GFTC can help you stay competitive by reducing formulation costs without compromising quality.


NSF-GFTC’s team of interdisciplinary scientists can help solve your food product challenges.

To get started or for more information, contact or (519) 821-1246

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