Food Product Evaluation

Are you considering changing vendors? Do you need to conduct routine food product evaluations to ensure compliance to specification?

NSF-GFTC can help conduct food product evaluations cost effectively.

We provide 3rd party objectivity and are able to test multiple aspects of food products.  If you are considering changing suppliers or vendors for an existing food product or ingredient, NSF-GFTC can conduct a quality evaluation to determine if it meets your product specifications.  Or we can conduct routine product evaluations to determine product consistency and quality. 

The NSF-GFTC can conduct a wide variety of product testing and documentation including:

o   weights / fill volume
o   size / shape measurement or colour evaluation
o   sensory evaluation
o   texture analysis
o   shelf life determination
o   co-ordination of laboratory analysis (microbial, nutritional, chemical)

NSF-GFTC has resources to help you conduct 3rd party evaluations and looks forward to assisting you in your Quality Control or Product Development needs.

To get started or for more information, contact or (519) 821-1246

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