Ingredient Evaluation

Do you need help demonstrating and evaluating your innovative ingredient in food products?

NSF-GFTC is the ideal choice to help with your ingredient evaluation needs.

We provide 3rd party objectivity and are able to test innovative ingredients in various food applications using actual food processing pilot scale equipment.  This allows for analysis of prototypes to determine the benefits of ingredients to help you market and sell your ingredients.

The NSF-GFTC Product Development division can assist with a wide variety of projects involving ingredient evaluation including:

o  Incorporation into commercial formulations
o  Preparation using NSF-GFTC’s pilot scale processing equipment  
o  Evaluations

 Determination of active components (often used for functional foods and nutraceutical ingredients)
 Shelf life
 Product testing such as texture, viscosity, etc.

NSF-GFTC has expertise in working with suppliers to evaluate innovative ingredients and looks forward to assisting you in your R&D needs.

To get started or for more information, contact or (519) 821-1246

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